Vacuum Aluminum Die Casting Achieve High Injection Rate

What Is Die Casting? Die casting refers to a process of manufacturing that makes use of high pressure to input a liquid metal into a steel die that is reusable. The process of rapidly cooling the metal tends to solidify it to form a final shape. Which Materials Do You Use for Die Casting Parts? Some of the materials which you use for diecasting parts include:

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It is light in weight, has good corrosion resistance, dimensional stability is high, and has great mechanical properties. The thermal and electrical conductivity of aluminum die casting is high, and it has high strength at temperatures that are elevated. Aluminum die casting tends to create die casting parts that are lighter and can also withstand operating temperatures that are very high. The main disadvantage of aluminum diecasting is that it is prone to defects of casting like shrinkage holes, pores, slag, and blisters.Some of the applications of aluminum die casting include: They improve the fuel efficiency of automotive by contributing to saving the requirements of weight.Zinc Die Casting It has high ductility, is very easy to cast, and can be plated easily. Zinc die casting tends to be characterized by a melting point that is low and perfect flowability. It is also easily worked by cutting and pressure and easy to weld and soldier. Zinc die casting parts can also be deposited using metallic and nonmetallic coatings which can be deposited using chemical and electrochemical methods.It is used in a wide range of infrastructure and networking equipment in the communication and telecommunication industry. This is because RF filter housings and boxes need dissipation by heat. They are used in handheld devices to provide EMI/RFI shielding, durability, and rigidity with reduced weight. Due to its good electrical performance and properties of shielding, it is also able to be used in environments of high temperature.Some of the applications of zinc die casting include: It is used in pressure die casting to make decorative and structural parts of electrical machines, motor vehicles, household applications, office machinery, souvenirs, and other items. Used in bearing linings to serve as an antifriction. Zinc die casting is also used in the printing industry.The disadvantage of zinc diecasting parts is that they have poor mechanical properties at raised temperatures.  This tends to change dimensions in the process of natural aging and result in poor corrosion resistance.

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