The Low-pressure Die Casting Process

How Do You Control Quality During Die Casting Parts Process? The quality of die casting parts is very important for both the manufacturer and their customers. Therefore, it is very important to ensure strict quality control during the die casting parts process. Some of the critical points to control quality during the diecasting parts process include:

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Dimensional Control Dimensions control is critical before mass production of die casting parts. It is important to finish quality control by SPC, FA, and APQP to make sure that all the dimensions meet the customer requirements. Because the die casting parts need quality control in the manufacturing process, it is important to inspect the products after about every 2 hours. This is to make sure there is no possibility of deviating from the specifications in place.Cosmetic Inspection The quality system needs to visually inspect the die casting parts one hundred percent to eliminate any defects that cannot be seen visually. This will make sure that all the customers obtain die casting parts of high quality.Assembly And Function Testing Once production and comprehensive inspection have been done, the manufacturer needs to carry out function tests for the customer. This is to stimulate the die casting parts’ real usage conditions and eliminate the possibility of occurrence of defects.  There is also the need to control the machine used for diecasting as the die casting parts are made using these machines.Is Die Casting Parts Eco-friendly? The manufacturing process of die casting parts tends to have an impact on the environment. Running machines and melting metals need enough energy and the wastewater emitted requires to be treated well. However, die casting tends to reduce the general impact on the environment by making use f enough materials that are recycled.Therefore, the quality controllers need to make use of microprocessors to reach transducers that are mounted on the machine for die casting. In the quality control process, the quality controllers may also be required to collect the data of the performance of the machine for statistical analysis.Such materials need is less energy-intensive to make thus ensuring an eco-friendly process. The die casting parts tend to be thin-walled and light in weight thus reducing the consumption of fuel on trucks and cars.

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