Aluminum Die Casting Tolerance Standards

What Is Die Casting vs. Injection Molding? The process of making a part is basically the same whether you are using die casting or injection molding. You create a die or mold in the form of the part you want to create. You then liquify the material and use extreme pressure to inject it into the die/mold. You then cool the die/mold with internal cooling lines and die spray on the die cavities. Finally, you open the die and remove the shot. Although there are some variations in technique, the major difference between die casting and injection molding is that die casting uses some kind of metal, often an aluminum alloy, as the raw material, while injection molding uses plastic or polymers.

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Which should you use? It should be apparent right away that if you use injection molding, you are going to end up with plastic parts and if you use die casting, you are going to end up with metal parts. If you know what sort of parts you want to end up with, you know right away which to use. But if you’re not sure which material is better for you and your company’s products, read on.Benefits of Aluminum Die Casting Efficient process with a high degree of accuracy No need for secondary operations Complicated designs can be more easily cast Produces higher-quality products with better tolerance that will last longerAluminum Die Casting vs. Injection Molding So why would you choose injection molding over die casting? If you are looking to produce a lot of parts very inexpensively, injection molding might be the way to go, as labor and material costs are fairly light, although it is important to keep in mind that the cost of the plastic injection molding machines themselves and any secondary equipment can be fairly expensive.Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding Production is quicker due to more flexibility in the molding process Plastic Injection molds can accommodate different plastic or polymer materials Fillers can be used in plastic molds to increase strength Efficient process with very accurate finishes

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