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Which Surface Finishes Can You Apply After Die Casting Parts? Some of the surface finishes which you can apply after dying casting parts include: 1. Anodizing: it is a protective coating that is non-conductive and seals the die casting is available in several colors such as black, blue, and red and it is quite affordable in forming a resistance to corrosion and durability. 2. Paint: it is a natural coating that uses powder coat paint on your die casting parts. When the paint is applied to metal surfaces that are pre-treated or non-treated, you obtain die casting parts that have a great look and are customizable.

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1. Aluminum passivation: the coating of die casting parts made of aluminum tends to entail a thin film being added onto the parts to give corrosion resistance. This is done without dampening the die casting part’s conductivity.4. Chem film: it is used on die casting parts that are made from aluminum and which conduct electricity. It can be applied by the dipped process, brush or even spray.Help in the efficient performance of the surface of the die casting parts. To meet the aesthetic standards or requirements of the die casting parts. For all affordable and high quality die casting parts, contact us now.2. Casting impregnation: it is essential to put measures in place to eliminate porosity as this is unavoidable during die casting parts. Casting tends to fill in and add seals to pores that are tiny in those parts which should have tight pressure.3. E-coat: it tends to make use of electrical current to deposit paint on the surface of the die casting parts. It offers protection from corrosion for a long time and tends to be quite affordable as compared to other options of painting.5. Gold plating: it does not oxidize and it tends to retain the conductivity of the die casting parts. It is mostly used in the electronics industry for printed circuits, connectors, integrated circuits, and transistors.

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